The future world of gaming and coding :- Future programming languages

The initiators of the latest series of programming languages are promising lightning fast and much smarter programming with lesser bugs. The goal is to capture the minds of programmers. This isn’t...

Same content of a business on different TLD’s :- Will it harm ?

Can same content on different TLD's of a business affect SEO? According to Google, it’s not an issue. Read the full post on Google Webmaster Blog.  
Google will show AMP URLs before App deep link URLs in mobile results

Rise of the Internet Giant and how it’s ruling Internet: Google

Google started with the idea of organizing information. Who would have thought that a company that started from a dorm and then garage would become tech giants in future? Have you ever...
STOP competitors stealing your backlinks

Want to STOP competitors stealing your backlinks ?

You may have read many articles on Google regarding, How you can spy on competitors backlinks and get them for your website. Worried? Every professional link builder does there hard to build good backlinks for there...
autonomous cars

Blockchains and Autonomous vehicles: The duo ruling the automotive industry

How amazing would that be if you are never late for any of your biz meetings? What if your car knows which direction to take when the entire road is jam...

SEO trends that will power digital marketing in 2018

Have you experienced the power of SEO yet? Are you aware of any SEO trend that has hit the current market recently? Staying at the top of the rankings is vital...

Understanding Technical Trading Systems and Technical Analysis Indicators

Many new traders tend to confuse technical trading systems and technical analysis indicators.  Although related, most of the confusion come from the utilization of technical analysis indicators within technical trading systems....

Amazon launched its most engaging platform ‘GameOn’

Amazon has been expanding its’ gaming experience and has come with a new solution for all the game developers. The company is back with new cross-platform competitive series where developers can...

Reviews of the best air fryers 2018

Every one of us likes fried food, but all of us also want to avoid fats and oil. This issue is addressed by the air fryer, as they reduce the Oil...

Point to consider before you hire an agency for IPhone application development

The mobile app development industry has shown a drastic revolution in the recent years. We’re residing in a mobile-oriented world, where the devices have become more of a necessity making us...