Website Design Trends 2019

Staying current on website design trend is pivotal for the website’s success. Many things changes every month and year regarding fame with visuals, algorithm updates, and best practices.

A website that looks modern and sleek today could look obsolete and gooey in only a couple of months’ time. That is the reason knowing the difference between the latest trend in the industry and a passing fad is so imperative when designing your website.

Subsequently, you should be aware of the top website design trends that are probably going to shake this industry in 2019.

Are you ready to adapt to new website trends of 2019

2019 will be all about delivering on client experience: website design trends will organize mobile design and speed, eye-catchy simple designs with the asymmetrical layout, vivid video backgrounds, and that’s just the beginning.

Here are a few trends that you should not ignore:

1. Mobile Design

Mobile websites are these days overtaking desktop websites similarly as Google prioritizes mobile sites over the ones that aren’t mobile amicable. You can’t expect that the desktop website will work similarly well on cell phones. Improved client experience on mobiles that rush to load will help meet the demand of the mobile clients.

2. Single Page Design

Speed and minimalism are the trends that surfaced over and over when discussing website design in 2019, which is a noteworthy reason behind why single page design, otherwise called pageless design, has likewise turned into a 2019 website design trend. Single page design is an exceptionally descriptive title — it alludes to sites that have just a single page rather than different service pages or blog articles all neatly arranged under a siloed hierarchy.

3. Parallax

Take the guests on a journey about your item, and they will love it. Parallax encourages you to grab attention and make a specific circle around your items. It encourages you to advance a more prominent possibility of connecting because the creative website trends enhance the site’s attractive quality. Such parallax sites give a dynamic ordeal which urges the client to remain longer on the page.

4. Immersive Video Background

You may think that videos may slow down a website, but with immersive videos, you have something convincing to get clients’ intent. Trends demonstrate that websites that have videos in the background can catch clients’ eye and make the stay on the website for more. The more they remain the chances of conversation increase many times.

5. Asymmetrical Layouts

2019 website trends aren’t just about thinking out of the box; they’re effectively breaking it.

Except if you’ve been living under an inadequately designed rock, you’ll come to know about the grid system. It is a layout guide that has been utilized for a considerable length of time to enable us to maintain consistency, alignment, and balance in our designs.

Mainly, 2019 is breaking the network. The asymmetrical layouts are very easy to mess up with. An incredible trend doesn’t compensate for bad UX. But, when applied with the skills, these layouts are an astounding method to add intrigue and profundity to your designs.

Simply make sure to be reliable with your asymmetry. Build up your chain of importance and utilize reiteration to guarantee your clients can explore the page.

6. Speed

We as a whole realize that customers are getting restless (including us). Thanks to mobiles, we anticipate that things will come to us in a flash. In this way, you have 3 seconds to make your website sticky. If buyers are not impressed within the initial 3 seconds, you will lose them.

Numerous costly website specialists may bait you into getting a wonderfully designed website, yet one that doesn’t load rapidly. The magnificence of the website is junk if it doesn’t enable you to change over. Notwithstanding it, Google prioritizes websites that load quicker for its rankings.

7. Animated Visuals

No, we’re not talking video; however, that is additionally an absolute must-have when designing for the new age of web clients. When we talk animated visuals, we’re talking about gifs and cinemagraphs.

If you’ve stepped foot onto any social platform in the most recent decade, you’ll know what a gif is. But what to talk about cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are static pictures that contain a single animated element. For instance, an image may demonstrate an espresso mug sitting on a table with the steam ascending from the mug dynamically animated.

Gifs and cinemagraphs are both incredible approaches to get your audience attention without overpowering them. The internet is an outwardly loud place — sometimes a well-placed whisper will get more consideration than a bullhorn.

8. Broken Grid Layouts

This trend has just been going strong the most recent year, and we anticipate it will just turn out to be more famous. This style empowers your image to be exceptional, striking and unmistakable. It is likewise an imaginative method to be experimental with your picture.

Brands that have a lot of content will be probably not going to move to this broken framework style; however, companies, for example, designers, retail, architect, and the creative spaces will push the envelope with this style significantly more.

9. More Chat Bots

Individuals want to make inquiries through chat. When an individual land on a website, they won’t search for a telephone number or email address. They will look for the chat feature so that they can submit a question. Similarly, website designers have concocted approaches to enhance this communication platform. Chat Bots will trigger instant communication with you once you visit the website and like this, you will be more obliged to bounce in.

10. Follow Minimalism Trend

Minimalism comes in the ubiquity of the website design trend 2017, and now it proceeds with the way.

The explanation behind this trend is clients’ patience. You effortlessly lose your client if the site loading time more than 4 seconds. Furthermore, 2 seconds is the ideal loading time for your site. To achieve this objective, the designers must lessen the quantity of on-page elements and decrease the number of the HTTP request. Furthermore, that is the fundamental explanation behind the booming of minimal designs that is essentially flawless.

11. 3D Photos

Facebook added this new element not long ago, and it immediately caught the enthusiasm of the website specialists.

Through clever utilization of modern phone cameras and cutting-edge algorithm, we’re presently ready to build a 3D map of the regular pictures we take.

3D photographs take into account intrinsic, vivid collaboration with pictures. At the point when a client scrolls past them or tilts their phone, the photographs react like the picture is a window into a diorama. It’s an extraordinary method to catch a client’s eye and keep them on your page.

12. Typography

A wonderful specialty of arranging the text and making it more engaging when shown. Playing with text styles would be gambling if you neglect to pick

  1. The perfect fonts
  2. Font size

III.    Vertical space between each line you type, proper spacing between each character

  1. The width of the text block if you need an ideal reading experience.
  2. Deciding the chain of command of fonts, i.e.,
  3. Headings will dependably stay large
  4. Sub-heading are usually smaller

iii.    Text in the body is smaller than sub-heading.

You can likewise characterize the hierarchy with colors, font-weight, and spacing.


The website design industry moves quickly so you ought to too. Remaining over current design trend is fundamental for industry achievement.

Utilizing asymmetric layout, animated visuals, cutting-edge tech, and tried and tested procedures will enable you to keep your designs relevant, effective and modern. Also, what better approach to ring in the New Year?