Top Gadgets that Connects to Internet

2018 has come to an end, and we are now moving towards another new year which is going to have a freshly launched set of gadgets to make the human existence much more simplified and hassle-free. It is now time to look forward to a fresh foray of innovative devices, all of which has the same goal, to keep us distracted from the everyday hardships of life. But whatever happens in the year ahead, one particular thing is for sure that the various tech product companies from the usual big players to fresh start-ups and even those that are still not even at the centre stage or are on their way towards the main stage, are cooking up cutting-edge innovations to surprise us in the forthcoming months as we patiently wait for the next big industry changer to come along.

Gadgets that are all set to take center stage in the year 2019.

1. Nutale live GPS tracker– the GPS tracking devices are not new anymore in the market. The likes of trackR, tile and the like have been quite high in demand in the market from quite a time now. But one particular thing that has been missing in the GPS live tracker is that it is a proper live GPS tracking technology. With the previous versions of the live GPS trackers, the users need to switch on their Bluetooth and also need to be ensured that it is in a range to connect it to the device and find the belongings of the user. But with notable, this is not the case as it is a more personal intelligent GPS tracker.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad T series– Famous Chinese laptop giant producer Lenovo is all set to kick off the year by launching a new range of thinner and lighter ThinkPad devices, that is all powered by the 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. The new ThinkPad T Series is perhaps the unique gadget amongst the current line-ups that all set to get unveiled in the upcoming year of 2019. Marketed in the world as a corporate workhouse, the Lenovo ThinkPad T series includes privacy protection features such as an IR camera, fingerprint reader and a ‘ThinkShutter’ webcam cover to protect its users from being watched by.

3. Halberd– Halberd that is all set to take center stage in the year 2019 has been touted as the world’s most advanced next-generation smart Bluetooth lock and key. This gadget has been made to automatically lock your PC every time you need to walk away from it. The smart Bluetooth key and lock is a perfect gadget for those who are perhaps not too cautious when it comes to privacy and security of their personal in formations and documents. The halberd smart Bluetooth lock and the key is also an ideal desktop companion if you often forget to lock out or log out your desktop while leaving your workplace temporarily. With the halberd smart Bluetooth key and lock you no more have to worry about your personal information or documents get in the hands of others while you are away.

4. LG 8K TV– if you think that televisions could not get any better and technically advanced, then LG company, a giant manufacturer of a video has proved you wrong as it is all set to unveil its 88inch 8K OLED panel TV ahead of CES. LG claims that this 88inch 8k television has the most significant and highest resolution OLED panel ever.

5. Virtual reality headsets– while only a few members of the general public have had the opportunity to try the virtual reality headset, many manufacturers and investors are of the opinion that headsets that will immerse users into the digital world are going to be the next big thing in entertainment and communication. There are s plenty of reasons to be skeptical that virtual reality will change technology the way smartphones did.

6. Apple home pod– a rival to Amazon echo, the apple home pod is all set to get unveiled in the forthcoming year of 2019. The home pod is apples first stab at the Amazon and Google dominated smart speaker market. Just like its competitors, the speaker is controlled by apple ’s artificial intelligence assistant – Siri- which can do things such as reading out the news, send messages to the selected persons, provide with the appropriate weather forecast, and it can also act as a musicologist that will help its users discover new music.

7. MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid Smartphone– MyKronoz is a watchmaking a brand that has set its aim to launch the next generation smartwatches. The watch manufacturer announced that its next-generation smartwatch ZeTime hybrid smart watches are all set to get launched in the forthcoming year of 2019. One of the unique things about MyKronoz’s smartwatches series is that they are the worlds’ first hybrid device. Apart from this, they offer a classic design of a Swiss timepiece which is known for the sleek and brilliant looks.

Along with the looks of a Swiss timepiece, this next generation hybrid watch is also installed with advanced features of a smartwatch via a mechanical hand that ticks away its way over a colored touch screen.

8. Foldable phones Renowned mobile phone giant manufacturer Samsung is all set to unveil its series of foldable phones in the next upcoming year. The phone will be known in the market as Galaxy F that consists of two primary screens, one screen on the outside that will function like a standard Smartphone, which opens up giving access to a tablet screen twice the size.

9. Proof– The proof is wristband wearable device that looks after its user’s health. It is usually designed for people who drink alcohol, from casual drinkers to all night partiers, with patent-pending technology that helps its consumer to consume alcohol safely.

An EndNote

The above are the various gadgets that are going to get unveiled in 2019, that will further make our life much more smooth and hassle-free.