social media trends

The social media world is continually changing, bringing new trends, thoughts, and implicit rules every year. Much of the time, the changes aren’t sudden or startling, yet rather steady and generally unsurprising – for instance, who was truly astonished to see Google + shut down?

In this post, you will experience the normal social media trends of 2019. Some of them are as of nowhere, and developing gradually, yet aren’t at full hype right now. Some are huge and booming and anticipated that would get significantly bigger in 2019.

Top Social Media Trends That Will Rock in 2019

Here are the most expected, and frankly, exciting shifts of note:

1. Video Features Will Attract More Leads

The success of endorsement through the video to a great extent relies upon how popular it goes on different social media platforms. A few trends have been popping up of late that play a critical role in influencing a video to go viral. Probably the most popular trends that have risen in recent years and will keep on developing in the following year are 360 Degree Videos, Square-Shaped Videos, and the Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram “Stories” feature.

While 360 Degree Videos give a 360-degree tour through a specific event or location, Square-Shaped Videos are most appropriate for cell phones and typically get viral nowadays because the greater part of the general population utilizes mobile phones and tabs to watch video clippings. The “Stories” feature on different social media platforms let the videos stay featured on the platform for 24 hours. This sort of video becomes a web sensation extremely quick as it vanishes in a day. Thus, it constrains the clients to make the purchase promptly.

2. Viable User Feedback

This is a standout amongst the most dependable and hottest social media trends for any business. Not just has it made the potential clients trust in the item, yet in addition has given them a hands-on experience by a client who is as of now using the product. The businesses have been posting the feedbacks of their clients on different social media platforms and additionally on a few online stores too that give a fair description of the item.

The reviews on online stores, recommendations, star ratings, feedback on messenger applications – the alternatives for getting qualified client feedback are many. Businesses are forcefully using the features offered by social media to make the experience easier to understand, intuitive and engaging for the clients.

3. Visual Search Tools

This search tool is enabling customers to investigate and find new products at an exceedingly progressed technological level. Rather than searching for products by typing them into Google, they should snap a photograph and then leave the rest over to the technology.

For instance, if they see a particular pair of shoes that they’re keen on, they should take a picture and the visual search tool will discover shoes that are either the same, or comparative, and will reveal to them where to get it.

This is an incredible method to discover precisely what you’re searching for, rather than trying to consider search terms that will coordinate what you need to discover.

4. Make Use Of Live Streaming

Live streaming is one more extraordinary case of customized client experience. Through features like YouTube Live and Facebook Live is live streaming off camera look of their services and products to their targeted clients. This builds up an instant connect, and clients think that it’s fascinating to connect on-going with the primary identity of the company discussing the service or product. Live streaming in 2019 is going to witness strong rivalry in pushing the most recent offers and deals. The instant connects instant clients, driving an on-your-feet purchase choice.

5. User-Generated Content

The user-generated content will keep on expanding in popularity, and it’s easy to perceive any reason why. It’s a straightforward way for your brand to grow the cozy relationship with purchasers as it fabricates trust and influences your brand’s content to appear to be more relatable.

For those of you who are as yet new to this pattern, user-generated content is publicly accessible content that has been posted by the social media platform user and afterward reposted by a brand. It can either be as a picture, audio or video file and is commonly used to promote news, events, products, etc.

Numerous social stages have been using this trend, for example, Twitter and its ‘Moments’ feature, and now Snapchat. The recent announcement Snapchat of ‘Curated Our Stories,’ which empowers publisher’s access to clients’ posts, enabling them to make live stories from them.

6. YouTube influencers

YouTube Influencers with a large number of subscribers and are nothing not as much as big names with their fan following. In this manner, to get them to endorse a business or item is an incredible idea to guarantee instant reach and connect. A video by a prominent YouTube influencer turns into a web sensation in minutes, and if it is convincing and sufficiently enticing to convince the supporters about your service or product, you will discover the orders coming in.

7. Target the Generation Z

Generation Z is the digital natives who grew up with the rising digital marketing platforms. So who else can be better individuals to pitch your brand than these folks?

The generation Z has grown up to wind up your next group of onlookers who need to purchase your items, and they have great cash to manage the cost of it. No doubt, plenty of folks from Generation Z is in the work environment, and they are making bucks. So if you center on them, you have a decent opportunity to expand your seals in the following year.

8. Chatbot Assistance Will Become Common

Chatbots and messenger applications are able medium for clients to connect with the respective businesses. Similarly, the businesses can give incite help to their clients through these too. A few businesses have incorporated chatbots on their Facebook pages that empower the potential clients who are interested in a specific item or service to ask about it and get a prompt response.

The utilization of chatbots is without a doubt going to be an effective method to engage engagement and win the trust of the clients in the coming year. Other social media platforms, for example, WhatsApp and Kik have likewise incorporated the chatbot features.

9. The Rise of The Social CEO

In a time of the fake news, it’s essential for CEOs and other best officials to be social. This lifts your firm’s reputation, enables work to trust with your clients, and even makes your company more appealing to the job candidates.

There are various ways that CEOs can have his or her voice heard. A couple of the ideal ways are by presenting on the company blog, writing on Medium, Tweeting from the personal account, or writing blog entries on LinkedIn.


Social media has undoubtedly assumed a vital job in giving a customized experience to the clients and have supported a few businesses. This is just going to hoist in 2019 as more businesses will choose different promotion techniques for their services and products on this platform. Likewise, the number of social media clients will undoubtedly increment essentially. These are a few ways in which you can make your social media marketing rock in the year 2019.