Content Marketing Trends 2019

In 2019, SMM and content marketing have no place for mindless posting, mechanical work without a plan, or even just content plans. Every marketer, SMM specialist, copywriter let alone PR manager can do all this. The result will now only be the development of a social media content marketing strategy.

What gives the strategy of working with content in social networks?

  • Routine issues related to content disappear.
  • There is always a list of topics and ideas for posts.
  • Results can be measured and analyzed.

10 steps to develop a strategy

You must clearly understand what you are doing and why, and take into account the trends of social networks in 2019. Only under this condition will the content be favorable and relevant. Strategic vision determines the success of the project. Let us consider the points to do:

1. Define your target audience. Content marketing is focused on a client and his interests. Social networks are an excellent platform to establish contact with him, give useful information, solve problems, attract to the site and push to commit targeted actions. Highlight audience segments create portraits of clients. Understand their fears, desires, needs, behavior algorithm and information search.

2. Formulate key references. At the first stage, you identified the problems of your target audience. Now we need to offer options for solving them. Choose the best one for each group. They must be concise – one sentence.

3. Highlight a mission. When messages for each target group are ready, they should be merged. The resulting message is the basis for your content marketing. It can be defined on the website, in social networks in the description of profiles.

4. Set clear and measurable goals. Take time to set goals and objectives. They must be understandable and determined. Specify:

  • Initial data
  • Deadlines
  • Desired results

Mark the methods and tools used in the process. Record how sales change, set monthly plans.

5. Study competitors. Work with analytics. There are many services to search for groups of similar subjects see the issuance of search engines – how do they work? See all sites: social networks, blogs, and thematic portals. Make a list of their mistakes and do not repeat. Remember: your goal is not to catch up with the most successful competitors, but to do better than they do.

6. Highlight topics and key phrases. Identify the main themes that concern different groups of your customers. These will be your regular posts for publications.

7. Communicate with customers. Find their profiles in social networks and analyze what they share, what they post. Make a list of trending topics and types of content.

8. Use heading templates. Analyze content: yours and competitors. Give particular emphasis on headlines. Remember about life hacking. Most relevant headers with:

  • In numbers
  • Verbs
  • Personification

Publish ratings, selections, contests, tests – everything that can attract your client one by one and get to share on your page. The user passes the test and achieves the result – about him. But “I” is a favorite topic of people on the Internet; everyone shares posts that somehow characterize them from the positive side.

9. Keep a content plan. Make a table in which you will mark:

  • Content type
  • Channels
  • Goals
  • Topics
  • Frequency
  • Tonality

10. Build a strategy together. Analyze your results for all items and collect in one document. It will allow you to work on the project systematically and for results.

There was a time when Bill Gates wrote that relatively soon business either goes online or goes out of the market. Now, he would probably say that business either is in social media or goes out of the market. It is hard to imagine that these days when most people have accounts in social media, one can become a successful author and to be able to sell one`s books being offline.

It seems like the threat of insecure websites blocking to come true in 2019. So, if there is a user registration on your website or you collect contacts through your website, if there is a contact form on your resource or a comment box, you will need to install SSL certificate.

Facebook counts more and more on paid posting and advertising traffic, which is why for a beginner writer the year 2019 will not be the easiest one if you make every stake on public [official page].

The public is surely needed as long as there is no opportunity to sell books and advertise neither in personal cabinet nor in a group [you can make the links to your website clickable], however, do not count on it the main channel.

The expected trend is that due to financial component, Facebook will lose a part of its attractiveness for emerging authors in 2019.

Guerilla marketing will boost market share in general marketing next year. The main growth engine is a lingering crisis and further reduction of purchasing power of population due to sanctions and other political factors. People would probably want to spend more money on advertising however, they do not have them. It is where creative abilities are showed up, which is a positive trend.

Involvement is the only marketing trend of the year 2019 able to keep things on an even keel next year and in further. This trend will tend to increase. In conditions of over-commercialization and excessive content peoples involvement in the life of your project, materials handling playfully, a growth of readers` sudden fascination with your products will play a lead role.

These 10 points apply to any subject. Be careful, and you yourself will create a quality guide to action.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a writer who works for  and is available on social media. She likes communication and writing let alone staying on her own and observing. She is an introvert but curious by nature. Needless to say, that she is fond of reading, going to the museums and musical gigs. She plays the piano herself, dances and goes in for sports.