Every one of us likes fried food, but all of us also want to avoid fats and oil. This issue is addressed by the air fryer, as they reduce the Oil content of the food by about 80%. They will require a very little oil to cook and they work by the use of super hot air to cook the food. The conventional deep oil fryer is replaced by the air fryer as a healthy alternative. However, it is a fact that not all air fryers are equal and proper research must be done to find out the best airfares.

The best air fryer in the market is decided based on various features like the ease of use, the price and several other features.

Some of the factors, that are used while reviewing the air fryers are as follows:

1. Capability to cook the food

There are many things like level of crispiness of the food, which is important in deciding whether a good quality meal is cooked. Several other aspects such as hair circulation quality and how well the heat is contained also contribute to how well the food is cooked.

2. The functionality of the air fryers

There are some fryers which come with functions like digital screens as well as the ability to adjust the time/temperature. The quality of air fryer is determined by how well these functions work and how easy they are to use.

3. Accessories

Many air fryers come with additional accessories like tongs and grill pans, which make cooking as well as handling easier.

4. Price

This is the most important factor which determines the suitability of an air fryer. You always want the worth of the price spent. Hence, the price is the most important factor in deciding the air fryer that you will buy.


Some of the best air fryers for the year 2018 are tabulated below:


1. Black and Decker air fryer

This is one of the best and in-budget air fryers, which has exceptional cooking results. This product is a product of an American company, which brings us appliances as well as heavy duty tools. It is the only air fryer, which comes with 2-year warranty.

This air fryer is equipped with dual Convection fans, which circulate hot air around the food in an even manner. One should try to cook the food only for two persons using this fryer. This is also equipped with an auto shut off feature, which turns the machine after the timer expires.

This unit comes with a divider as well as a matching basket, so that food can be cooked in two portions separately. Also, the timer can be set up for a time of 60 minutes, which is more than available in other alternatives. There are two indicator lights on the top of this model, which indicate whether the air fryer is turned on or off. They also indicate the time of reaching preheat temperature.

The price of this product is around $100. The cooking experience that you will get for this price will be exceptional. This fryer is comprised of many features, which makes it one of the best products for cooking applications.


2. Phillips XL Air fryers

This is another air fryer which comes for the premium price with a large capacity as well as excellent cooking performance.

This particular product contains a 60-minute timer along with automatic off and on settings so that you don’t have to sit along with it and continuously take care of the food. This Fryer is also best, as it utilizes the Rapid air Technology for cooking. This technology helps the Fire to fry, grill as well as Roast the food in an efficient way and also keeping the smell to the minimum.

This fryer also has a starfish design so that we can take advantage of it and the hot air is circulated inside the unit so that the food is cooked evenly.

The weight of the fryer is 15.4 lbs and it is the capacity of 2.65 lbs. This unit is a pretty hefty one and a large footprint on the table top will be left. You can cook food for about 4 persons at a time in this fryer but, if you are looking to cook for only one or two persons, then you must go for a smaller fryer.

The issue of smoke is also avoided in this fire and one can experience smokeless cooking with this flyer. The temperature of about 390 degrees F can be set on the digital touch screen in order to fry any food. Also, a small reset button is given along with this model so that cooking settings can be saved when one cook the same food again and again. Safe detachable baskets, as well as drivers, are given so that the components can be washed easily.

The only negative aspect of this fryer is that it occupies a bigger space. If you are ok with this consideration, then this fryer is best for you.


3. T-fal Actifry Air Fryer:

This is one of the air fryers, which automates the turnover process. This air fryer solves the issue of flipping of the food over. A paddle is utilized in this model to achieve this functionality. The food quality, which is cooked in this fryer, is optimum and we recommend this prior to you if you want high-quality cooking.

This fryer comes with a super simple design. Too much temperature monitoring is not required in this fryer and this is one of the major plus points of this fryer.


4. Chefman with Digital Display

Another very well appearing cooker is the Chefman. Placing it up for your preferred cooking outcomes may be very smooth with the virtual buttons and display. almost anything you could possibly want to consume could be cooked in much less than a half-hour. if you have that longing for some fries or crispy fowl, you don’t need to wait an eternity.

This appliance also has a very modern insulation built in. the exterior will no longer get warm. It is not something that is so common, however while you compare this air fryer to others while they’re in use, then you definitely observe a full-size difference in heat.


5. Cozyna

The cozyna air fryer bakes, fries, roasts, grill all these things in the same device. The digital control of cozyna will allow you to make extremely accurate heat and time settings. That means that each time it’s used you get the precise same results. No additional checking whether or not food is prepared or worrying if it’s overcooked.

Once the cooking process finished, you’ll merely take the cookery instrumentation out and place it in your dishwasher for an essential clean. Washing an appliance doesn’t get a lot of easier than that.

With cozyna air fryer, you get an e-book and a physical cookbook with over forty recipes



Thus, in this article, we have seen some of the best air fryers available. We have seen the features which can be compared to decide the best air fryers.

These days the use of air fryers has been increased as it imparts the important benefits over the conventional systems available. The consumption of oil can be substantially reduced by utilizing these air fryers.