Mircosoft foldable phone

Earlier this year Microsoft said that there will be no more releases of for Windows Smartphone series. But now the latest leaks say that Microsoft is going to launch a new surface phone. The main point of attraction is its Foldable features which makes it next generation of Smartphone.  All about the phone is shown by the patent registration done by Microsoft. The Phone is rumored as the Surface phone. CEO of the Microsoft Satya Nadella said that the company is going to give “the ultimate mobile device”.

Mircosoft foldable phone

It is the first look of the Surface phone. The image proves that the screen is going to be foldable and also comes with a stylus. The design was registered by the Microsoft in June but the Company redesigned the Surface phone with a logical structure.

The concept of a foldable phone is not new in the market earlier also ZTE had launched the ZTE Axon M. This Axon M phone has a dual screen but there is a gap between the two screens which do not give a single screen look.

Microsoft foldable smart phone

The image above shows the logo of Microsoft on the leaked image. It comes with stylus or company can also call it a pen. The Surface phone can be used as a single screen or dual screen. The design is bezel-less and covered with aluminum sides and back. It will be likely to be based on Windows 10 but as the company’s CEO mentioned that the device as a Smartphone so there could be a chance that it will be based on Android OS.

Patent image of Microsoft foldable smartphone

Further, the image of the patent will clear your queries. The image shows the End to End distal. The surface of the dual screen is fixed with the Hinge in between them. There are two Hinges one at the top and other at the bottom. These Hinges will help the screen’s rotation. It seems that on the right side there are volume rockers with power on/off button. The display will be OLED which will support both Portrait and Landscape mode. The OLED display size will be 6 inches each. The Surface Phone comes with 3D renders.

Patent image of Microsoft foldable smart-phone

This image elaborates the working of the Foldable Surface phone. The Hinge is Self Regulation which makes it easy to rotate the screen from the first surface to the second surface. The shaded part 126(1) and 126(2) is the display of the Phone. 106(1) and 106(2) are the Hinges position. The Hinges are placed in such a way that they will not be visible when the display is rotated to get a full image view. The Hinge is covered with Glass and the rotational mechanism is done internally.

Microsoft foldable smart-phone

As shown in the image the user is using the Surface phone. The display will be full screen one image display. The Hinge will be rotating both the sides. The image shows that the user is using the dual screen with Hinge at the angle of 180 degrees. If it will be based on the Android Os it will be very helpful while doing multitasking with split screens. It comes with Type-C charging port for fast charging and no home button on the screen. There will be a notification ticker which will help to see notification without an opening screen.

Patent image of Microsoft foldable smart phone angel view

This view shows that it could be used at any angle. As shown in the image the user is using it as a laptop at the angle of 110 degrees. The first image shows the screen like a laptop and the second surface screen can be used as the virtual laptop. There is two sample of GUI first one is GUI 204(1) which is displaying the image of the weather forecast and the second one is GUI 204(2) which is displaying Virtual keyboard.

Patent image microsoft foldable smart phone

The angle of rotation is 270 degree this shows that Hinge can be easily rotated both sides. It can also be used as an alarm clock as shown in the patent image and look like Tent mode of Lenovo. It can be used as both Phone and tablet. There is no clue about the camera and the 3.5mm earphone jack. So the Next year will be the revolution for the Smartphones.