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It is the time of the year when most industry watchers are busy predicting the web development trends for the next year. Given that we are seeing new trends rise on the horizon this enthusiasm isn’t unfound. With each passing year, we are witnessing intrusion of new technologies and design ideas. Indian web development industry is at the forefront of this change given that it is where the world knocks for web development projects. In this short write-up, we take a look at five trends you should watch out for in 2018.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – 2017 has witnessed a lot of talk around chatbots based AI tools and in 2018 we are all set to witness the real power of AI in offering more tailored experience to the users. They would collect data by tons and use it to offer streamlined web experience.
  2. Blockchain – You are aware of the fact that all websites and applications rely on customer data to serve you better and collect lots of them. You have read about big data but year 2018 would see a rise in a phenomenon called blockchain. Here data collected is stored across thousands of systems and not a single database making it more accessible and also more secure.
  3. Internet of Things – IoT as a concept has been there for quite some time now but with limitation in the penetration of IoT enabled device has kept it in the backstage for some time. 2018 will mark the big moment under the sun for IoT.
  4. Year of Illustrations – Smartphones have changed the traditional web development landscape and given birth to concepts such as single page website or minimalistic web design. Slowly illustrations are taking over text content and this year will witness a major shift towards illustrations.
  5. Micro Interactions – Social media has changed the way we browse the Internet. People like to Like, Share and Comment on what they read. Web developers are drawing leverage from these micro-interactions for quite some time and this is all slated to grow into something big in 2018.

Indian web development agencies have come off age in the last decade. From being a cheap destination for web development a decade back it is now the center stage of new trends and ideas. To cash in on these trends you should work with a web development agency from India that has built its reputation riding on the success of its projects.

Summary – In this write-up take a look at some of the emerging trends in Indian web development for the year 2018 and how they would refine how websites are designed and developed