In the spring season, a riding mover requires more care and maintenance rather than the other seasons. A Riding Mower is basically a type of a lawn mower in which the operator become able to sit properly. They are also resembled as small tractors, as they are designed for mowing large areas in a short period of time with a high speed. They are mainly used in places like golf fields or municipal parks.


Maintenance of a Riding Mower

In a very short period of time, we will tell you about the maintenance of a Riding Mower in specific details. The one who owns a riding mower must know that regular maintenance is one of the most important things to achieve the longest life and best performance for this machine.

You can maintain your Riding Mower by following points:

Maintenance Frequency

  1. Try to use the hour meter to track the daily routine services that include spark-plug replacements or oil change when it is equipped.
  2. If it is not equipped with the hour meter, then try to track the time by putting a piece of a masking tape on it and create a mark of the pencil each time you mow. The number of marks will let you know that how much time the machine is taking to mow.


Removing the Deck According to the Manual

You should try to remove the deck as per the manual’s instructions. Try to inspect and replace the drive belts of the riding mower and change the blades time to time. Cleaning the underside of the mow’s deck will be beneficial according to the maintenance basis.


Use Fresh Gasoline for a New Start

Use a fresh gasoline for your riding mower that does not contain any density of ethanol in it. Emptying the tank of your mower is a great idea especially over the winter.


Sharpening and Removing the Blades

At the time of removing the blades, use a socket wrench or block it with a scrap wood. If you are not able to balance or sharpen the blades, then try to perform this task with the help of a professional or trained person.


Replace Worn Mower Drive Belts

If you want to replace and remove the worn mower drive belt or the mower deck, then you need to follow the operator’s manual carefully. Basically, they are easy to replace but you must need to be careful during this process as they need to be correctly positioned.


Change the Oil Time to Time

When the engine of the riding mower gets warm, then change the oil of the machine. Most of the riding mowers have an easy to open plug hose. If your machine has an oil filter, what you need to do before installation is to apply some of the oil into the rubber sealing gasket as well.


Check the battery meter

Check the electrolyte or the water level of your battery if it has removable caps. Clean the terminals of the battery with a wire brush in order to ensure the proper operation and the optimum starting power of the engine charging system.


Check Air Filter

When you are operating your best riding mower for hills in dry or dusty conditions, regularly check the air filters. Tap your air filter on a hard surface to stick out the loose debris and if it is no longer effective, then make sure to replace it.


Use the Gas Not More Than One Month

It is advised not to use the gas which is more than three weeks old so try to adjust new gas and drain the stale gas in a gas can.


There are some steps that need to follow while starting the mower. We will mention them in some points.

  1. Before you start mowing, try to disconnect the terminals of the battery and the spark plug wires and inspect the mower.
  2. Try to make sure that all the deflectors and the shields are in their respective places and undamaged. If you see something related to that note, then replace the worn or damaged parts before using your mower.
  3. The tires should be properly inflated before the machine comes in use.
  4. Remove all the debris and dirt from the machine especially near the oil-filling and fuel-filling areas. Do not try to use a vacuum near gasoline.
  5. Check the levels of fuel as well as oil.
  6. By the time you conduct your machine’s maintenance properly, reconnect the spark plugs and the battery by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. After the use of your riding mower, disconnect the terminals of a battery and spark plug wires and brush off the engine of the mower.

During the mowing season, try to lubricate the pivot points and the mower sprindles with grease. Also, try to check the air cleaner system and the air filter. If your pre-cleaner is washable and can be used again then wash it properly with water and detergent. Dry it properly before adjusting back.

If you are in some dusty conditions, there might be fewer occasions to change the air filter and clean the pre-cleaner more often. At the time of performing the maintenance on your own, try to choose a well- ventilated area that consists a hard and flat surface.

Always remember to turn off your machine or remove the ignition key. And make sure that the blades and other moving parts of your mower properly come to stop.

Maintenance does require a lot of hard work and time but what it provides you in its reply is that it increase the lifespan of your machine and varies its efficiency and speed for a long time period. So it is important for all the Riding Mower users to maintain their machine for the sake of their betterment.