Paypal and FB

Hello Digital world, today’s article is based on the integration of Paypal and Facebook messenger, which has launched the new extension of the messenger by that users can send their invoice by using the private chat. It has made easy to the transaction and it is a great invention by that user will get more benefit at a Facebook marketplace.

Therefore, before knowing about the integration of both in a deep way, we should have known about both apps in a general way. Therefore, come with this article know to these latest things in the digital world.



The PayPal can be called as the online bank, meaning thereby if you are working online, then it is the way by that you can send or receive the payment via online by using only your Paypal id. We can say that it is the most convenient and hassle-free way that enables the easiest payment transfer method online. It can be used for the global transaction.

The PayPal is not only providing the online transaction globally but also providing the money exchanging facility in an easy way. It takes the 2 or 3 days of business hours and transfers the money to your bank account.

To being the member of PayPal or getting the service of PayPal you need to register yourself for it. To registering yourself here, you will have to provide your PAN card and working email id.  In some of the cases people not able to give their Pan card then they can provide their parents PAN card detail.

Here there is the unique thing, that it does not provide any kind of account number. It uses your email id as your unique account id, you can use your email id to receiving the payment from others or can send money to other on their PayPal mail id. It is so simple and easy. The registration is completely free here.  Always provide the correct data during the registration otherwise, you will not be able to use freely.


Facebook Messenger:

The unique and awesome kind of mobile tool, which allows users to send the messages, audio, video and other text files instantly, it is developed for those who are active on Facebook. The feature of this an amazing tool is available for the Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry too. It is also able to use on desktop PC and laptops in an easy way.

Few good features of it:

Enables instant messaging system

Photo/video sharing

Groups chat (Users can make the chat with more than one person in a private group.

Enables Live video calling/video chat

Age restriction is 13+ only for this app


The Integration between the Facebook Messenger and “Paypal”:

The Facebook messenger and Paypal have integrated with each other and now expanding their integration by using the launcher extension. The launched extension is enabling the user a new and amazing thing, with this extension can send their invoice in a personal way to the other person meaning thereby to whom they want to send. It can be done in the direct and private way. This way is ideal and considerable for the Facebook users and for the many sellers and buyers groups too on the Facebook marketplace. This way has made the easy to the transactions by using easy to send the Paypal invoice in general and hassle-free way.

This thing had invented and made popular by the two companies of USA, which was working together closely as the partnership. Both had announced the facility of online shopping by using the messenger’s bots in the USA and the Paypal App. did the transaction.

Now, the company is focusing to enable it for small business transaction too.

It is the new and most trendy way; through the PayPal chat extension, both parties can send their invoice without stopping their conversation. You will have been the experience for the person-to-person commerce within Messenger, but this impression of the messenger is really too new and much different. By this feature and integration of both app is enhancing the e-commerce field in the new and most trendy way.


How to use the PayPal’s invoicing extension:

It is very simple in use, just read the following instruction apply that in the easy and careful way and after that, you will be able to use it:

  1. Go to your messenger and open the extension tray
  2. Select the “Paypal”
  3. Now create your invoice by filling the details. Like name, description, price, and quantity
  4. After all, above process, before sending it to the buyer, from buyer side presses the Pay and by this way, the transaction seamlessly will be complete.


Protections for the transaction:

This new Paypal’s transaction is more convenient and easy, every transaction is covered by its powerful security by 24*7 hours.  It has the better and superb kind of facility, in the term of fraud prevention.

  • Dispute Resolution:

In this security term if you transact the money and due to inner problem transaction could not be done then it has ability to put your funds on hold and until the issue gets resolved.

  • Purchase protection in a global way:

All over the world, the Paypal is processing the 25 kinds of currencies over the 200 markets in term of selling, sending, and spending in the simple and secure way.


What is the use of Bots?

The Paypal is making its relationship with the Facebook in deep and well way and with this thought; it is going to become the one of the best and easy way to transact the money. The PayPal is saying that with this way the online sellers and buyers can increase the use of e-commerce.

The Facebook is using the beta testing and saying that it will be the good and efficient way of the transaction at end of the month.

Now, the Facebook has the biggest hole in its chatbots platform and the messenger bots are able to accept the payment in any way.

The head of the Facebook and messenger Mr. David Marcus has announced in the month of April in 2016 that he has developed the 34,000 of devs have joined the platform and has built 30,000 of bots by that any kind of payment can be made without going in any site. With the use of bots, the payment transaction can be done in an external way by using the PayPal.

Mr. Marcus is saying that our company is working for the major players in the industry by using 30,000 bots and working with PayPal, Braintree, Visa, MasterCard and American Express too. Approx there is 1 billion of users have merge migration with Facebook main app and thanks to them by Mr. Marcus.