HTC Vive

HTC ViveThe VR is standalone that means they don’t need any type of cables so you don’t have to run for the cables.

HTC new Vive VR is featured with 6 degree of freedom that means it does not require any sensor or external base station. From the teaser video, HTC is calling it world scale tracking. This HTC Vive VR was unveiled at their developer conference in Beijing. With the 6DOF feature ( 6 degrees of freedom) now you can use your VR handset anywhere on a train, plane or a bus you can enjoy this VR wherever you are.

THE HTC VIVE focus has the hardware which is needed to run any VR app or any VR game and that comes with the hardware itself. The specifications include an AMOLED screen with high resolution and it also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 powerful hardware and these chips are found in some devices like the Samsung Galaxy s8, s8 plus which is the flagship phone of Samsung and the Google pixel 2 also have the same processor and the Google pixel 2 is also a flagship phone of Google and it also has a sensor for tracking the user that what the user is doing and on the front exterior is depth cameras.

If we talk about the design of HTC VIVE focus than it just looks a little like the original HTC VIVE and the HTC VIVE FOCUS has been mixed with the PLAY STATION VR. It has a round look with a slight blue color along with this a basic looking touch and controller with motion tracking can also be the part of the package of HTC VIVE focus touch.

The HTC Vive focus will run on a device called  HTC VIVE wave. The wave is a standalone headset which uses the 6dof feature that means no connection to pc is required to be connected to a gaming pc or use any kind of external sensor. In the place, all features are available in the headset only so you can play games whenever you want.



The HTC VIVE focus is an open VR platform and it also has 12 hardware partner signed up. HTC Vive wave is a VR platform which runs on the HTC VIVE focus it was essentially daydreaming but not for China because everyone thought that it first comes in US or UK but instead it came on China and it is just a daydream for other places. There is 12 hardware partner that have already signed up to this platform and that includes Juhaokan, Nubia, Pico, EMdoorvr, Coocaa, Quanta and Thundercomm, 360QIKU, Baofengmojing, Idealens, Prima, and iQUIK.

The HTC VIVE wave opens VR platform the company can either keep their 3 degrees of freedom (3dof) or they can use the 6 degrees of freedom(6dof).

This platform is designed to enable support for multi cross cross-platform VR devices. The HTC VIVE VR uses a function called open VR API to let the developers to easily port exist the VR app to the wave platform.HTC tells us that that the wave is supported by multiple computing programs but states that only the device with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile will be supported by this VR headset.

The HTC has promised that the content will be available at the Vive point store and it has also promised that more items will be available from the day when they release their HTC VIVE wave VR, a tool that lets the developers create VR software will also cross-platform.


The pricing 

There are some problems regarding the vr and the problem of the vr is the cost of entry, the ps vr is the cheapest fancy headset costing around the price of 786.06 of us dollar even mobile vr of some big brands vr headset for the likes of Samsung and Google isn’t even very less and they are just mobile headset, if you want to put the vr head set on you face then you have to pay a nasty amount or a very big amount because this vr has everything so the price of the vr is obvious to be that high now we have the trend of standalone vr which once purchased then you don’t have to buy any other kind of hardware you can simply just buy and start enjoying.

But this is just some talks HTC is yet to decide or to put the final amount of the VR so, for now, we can just think what can be the possible price of the VR  and we have to wait till they continue to announce their final price.


Can U Get It Now

Unfortunately, for now, the HTC VIVO focus is just heading to China for now and till now the company didn’t tell us that the product will be available for rest of countries excluding China, The HTC China president has just told that the HTC VIVO focus will be heading only to China and he told nothing else about rest of the countries so we can just hope that the HTC VIVO focus will be shipped to the other part of the world and it will not be a China exclusive.

So this was just the information about the HTC VIVO focus and we can hope that the pricing of the headset would be low so I hope that you liked this article in this article I have tried to give every one of you all the information of the HTC VIVE FOCUS about its specifications so I hope you had a great time in reading this article then please share our article with all of your friend and let them also what you know about this new vr by htc so please share our article with friend through social media because it helps us to write more articles like this. And one last word Thank you for reading this article!!