Top SEO Tips for a WordPress Website

SEO is the main mantra for all the online websites. If you are developing a new website, the WordPress would be a good option. It is easy and convenient to use. Always go for the updated version. In this article, we are going to discuss the WordPress SEO Tips. You must consider the facts to make your website successful. If you have correct know-how or technique, WordPress can be the excellent way to boost your website to the visitors. If you are thinking that, SEO will get its heights with simple keyword stuffing and low-quality link building, this will be a wrong concept. There are much more to do with a website. Let us find out some effective way of boozing SEO on your blog or website.

Top SEO Tips for a WordPress Website

1. Install Plugins

If you are using the WordPress blog, it will easily give your idea on various Plugins. On the left hand- side pane you will be able to see various options. Go to the option, ‘plugins’ and then choose the category ‘see’. You can install the SEO Plugins and start operation. This will be a great way to handle all your SEO aspects. Within the process, you must start using the tag, ‘rel=” canonical”. Once you do this, the search engine will regulate the right content of your website URL. Experts use this, as you will be able to stay away from the issues of duplicate content.

2. Change permalink structure

When you are posting through WordPress, as soon as you type the title and place the place the content body, you will see the system has automatically placed a permalink just below the title. If you want to make your website successful in the digital marketing industry, go ahead with the change in permalink structure. The permalink which is automatically placed as a default was not search engine friendly. Thus, the visitor may not come as the way you expect. Thus, it is very important to change the permalink structure.


3. Avoid useless links

Many users have a tendency of using the links. It is good to follow the trusted and effective links. But, there are certain links which are useless. There is a sign for this. It is a hyperlink backed with rel= “no follow”. If you place this, this will say the search engine not to follow the link. Not all the linked pages are reliable. Thus, you have found out which one is worth and then proceed. This is one of the SEO tips that you must follow.


4. Learn to speed up blog

The visitors will always look for the blogs and website that is easy to navigate. The user visiting the webpage must be in a state to navigate from one page to another in a speedy way. But, not all website is so well accessible and have an ease in carrying on with digital marketing procedures. If your webpage is slow, you must go ahead with a catchy plugin that can speed up your blog. This plugin will make your website fast. They do this by reducing your web server load.

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5. Social media links

It is important to get links with social media. It is through those sites that visitors from various countries drop in. You must have seen that most of the website that you visit have logos of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Through this, they have probably linked the social media sites where your website posts are getting placed. This is the social media marketing technique which is availed by most of the SEO or digital marketing experts. The visitors of social media will click the link there which will direct them right to your website.


6. Select a good host

You will find a good number of hosts online. But, not all hosts provide good service. You must go with the reviews. It is always good to select the host that has a great reputation in the market. They must have worked for several years in the same industry. Speak and involve in a discussion in forums to find out which host in the digital marketing industry is worth. Go for the good package but don’t spend too high on the host at an initial stage.


7. Link to old contents

This is one of the effective ways to attract more visitors to your webpage. Whenever you write new contents and post it on your WordPress site, you will easily get a link where other old content links can be placed. Once the visitor visits your website and sees the old post that already has achieved optimum traffic will push the visitors to the new blog. As a result, you can see good traffic in your new posts and that too very quickly. You must be always careful and quickly block these comments.


8. Block spam

Did you have a look at the new version of WordPress? This has a very good option which will help you unfollow the links and comments which you do not wish. You may get various comments from different sources. There will be spam comments as well. You must enable the WordPress feature which will block those spam comments. These comments can harm your websites. It is through these spam comments that malpractices take place. People with unfair practices may even hack your website.


Above mentioned is a good list of SEO Tips for a WordPress Website. Being the website owner or a developer, you must keep in mind about all these facts. The social media marketing industry is really very competitive. You must stay updated to get more traffic to your website. These are the most effective technique which you all can implement in your new and old website. Try them and you can see your website have the significant rise of the online traffic. If you are not the WordPress users, it is the time for you to switch to WordPress. You must regularly check the SEO rules from Google to stay updated.