top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

Smartphones houses everyone’s privacy and money

Smartphones are valuable gadgets, and they need to be handled carefully. With the amount of sensitive information the smartphones hold, we need to go an extra mile to protect them.

To fulfill the extra protection, that’s why we need to go for a phone insurance and make sure we buy phone cases to protect the phone in case of any physical damage. Not many people see having a back up of all their sensitive information important, which is not okay. Back up your contacts and other necessary information, in your email account in case of phone theft or damage.What’s more, the team from DjiBestBuy introduce us some tips protect your smartphone from information leakage


 top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone


Dangerous things people do

The smartphones are at risk due to many vices, some of which will be highlighted in this paragraph. Holding a naked phone puts our smartphones at the risk of being damaged or spoiled, how do we even feel comfortable using a phone without a case?

All our sensitive details can just be gone in the blink of an eye, getting a case is so important to help guarantee our phones’ safety.

Another harmful thing is connecting our smartphones to unsecure wireless networks.  Yes, free wi-fi is the best, but connecting to an unsecure one can cause unseen harm to our smartphones.

A survey revealed that 52% smartphone users access unsecure wi-fi networks with their devices. Not many people hope that their smartphone develops issue, but we still need to be prepared for any unprecedented damaged, this is why we need to purchase smartphone insurance.

Most times, what people are excited about is getting a new phone, after getting it purchasing an insurance that covers it does not come to mind. Protect Your Bubble’s survey shows that 60% of consumers do not purchase smartphone insurance when buying a phone.