Apple Watch Series

Best smartwatches are very hard and tough to make a list off, the past times of horrible lumps of plastic are gone. It is the contemporary world of smart watches such as Apple watch series 2, Tag Huer Connected Modular 45, Fossil Q range classic watches in terms of design and Samsung Gear S3. There is plenty of consideration have to make to develop a smart watch such as operating system, battery lives, features along with the fitness features. Wearing a smartwatch on a wrist expressing your personality and the design is the most attractive thing for buyers. Few of smartphones have been launched in the year 2017, but plenty of others are making their way to lie down in the market shelves. Let’s check out all the details on all upcoming smart watches devices.

Apple Watch Series 2:Apple Watch Series

The Apple’s latest smart watch is with the water resistance and GPS in a sleeker. The watch has the eye-opening screen; it means that it will provide a tough time to its competitors. But having all the attributes, it is still far from Android wear 2.0. The smartwatch app selection is also a way to small and still, the developers don’t making their mind to make use of GPS and sensors. Apple own fitness service is tad-hit-miss and its screen is still not able to open at all times.

Features: GPS, swinging friendly, Apple Pay, Two-day battery, and Heart are the monitor.


LG Watch Sport: LG Watch Sport

The smartwatch has flagship model for Android wear 2.0, the LG has adopted the path of Apple watch having GPS, LTE, NFC for Android pay on board, the latest LG smart watch sport derived from revamped Google Fit, and generated through third party Android wear 2.0 for example, Steve. The latest smart watch has impressive screen along with the 1.38 inch, 480*480, OLED display using the 348ppi to best Apple watch series 2’s tech. in the outside the house premises, it can be able to track of reps in a gym which is very fascinating and well admire addition.

Features: GPS, LTE, NFC, Android pay and Heart rate monitor.


 Garmin Vivo active HR:Garmin Vivo active

Apple’s smart watch and LG smart watch sport are the best sporty smart watches; on the other hand, Garmin Vivo active HR is one of the best sports watches which is actually more capable of than just smart watch. The Garmin Vivo active HR sporty watch has GPS Modes such as running, cycling, golf, swimming and indoor gym work. The Garmin Vivo active smartwatch is able to count out strength training strength and watch works along the services such as Strava and Run keeper. It also manages and display notifications and also weather and calendar details having alarming reliability. The low screen chunky plastic body doesn’t seem it as the looker. The smart watch has the powerful battery which can be used until a week; it does not make difference how much you will use it. But in case you are eying the Apple smart watch or LG watch sport in order to track your next triathlon then you should choose something else rather than just having a sports watch.

Features: GPS, heart rate monitor, dedicated sports modes and Garmin Connect adaptability.

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