Tuplejump Apple

Apple has sent invitations at its Cupertino campus for an event on October 27 where it is expected to unveil the refreshed Mac lineup. The most important change is expected to be with the Macbook Pro. It is expected that an Oled panel with an integrated Touch ID is tipped to replace the function keys on the keyboard. This newly replaced set of function keys is rumored to be called as the Magic Toolbar. Apple is most likely to reveal its successor to the retina MacBook Pro in one week. Trademark Ninja has investigated the information about the new features and indicates that Apple owns the ‘Magic Toolbar’ Trademark. This is not the only rumor about the upcoming MacBook Pro. According to reports, Apple is trying to do something new with the MacBook Pro with the addition of second mini screen above the keyboard. This narrow screen is expected to feature shortcuts and can change depending on the type of app you are using. Developers can take the advantage of the screen and add their own new shortcuts.

Magic Toolbar suggests that it will be used as the toolbar along with all the on-screen icons and buttons. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is an analyst of KGI securities, has spilled the beans back by unveiling some new hardware features. In particular, the latest 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro should be lighter and thinner. It is also expected to come with the new Intel Skylake processors for long battery life and better performance. The three most interesting and amazing aspects of this latest design are the potential switch to USB Type-C ports, the magic Toolbar and the addition of a Touch ID sensor. According to the reports of Trademark Ninja, Apple plans to use the “Smart Button” name in the upcoming MacBook Pro. This can be a new name for the Touch ID sensor or can be considered as the way to differentiate this Smart Button from the Home Button of the iOS devices. It is clear now that Apple wants the MacBook Pro to look thinner again. In the current MacBook Pro, the MagSafe and USB ports are the bottleneck when it comes to its thickness. Switching all the ports to the USB Type-C ports will make it easier to design the thinner laptop.