Google will show AMP URLs before App deep link URLs in mobile results

Google has updated its G Suite that is previously known as Google Apps for work, to help the users to complete their task faster and to utilize the machine intelligence. This update on the suite brings some new features that include the relevant suggestion options in the form and the automatic allocation in the action item to help the users to complete their routine jobs in less time. As per the official post of the search giant, after this update, when anyone type sentences like “Andrea schedule a check in” or “Ryan to follow the keynote script” on Docs app desktop version, it will use the Natural Language Processing to give an Action Item to allocate to the respective person using it. Users can also manually any Action Item by mentioning the name and choosing it from the checkbox in desktop or mobile apps of Sheets, Slides, and Docs. The notification regarding the same will be sent to the concerned person via email. The mobile apps, as well as the desktop version, will show a badge for the files that have assigned an Action Item to them or any suggestion made to the file, to make it easier for the user to find the files which need attention. The company has used the concept of the neural network to make the forms smarter and also to make sure that the users spend less time while building the questions.

With the use of neural networks, it becomes easy to predict the type of question the user is asking and thus accordingly suggest the various responses to users to choose from. On the web in Docs, the company has also added the support of voice-commands for deleting words, for changing text color, inserting comments and links, along with a number of other ways to format. Furthermore, the company has entered into the partnership with the messaging platform slack that enables the user to bring the Google Drive files to the Slack by using the ‘+’ button of the app. Users can also create Sheets, Docs, and Slides files from the Slack.