Pokemon Go

Google Pokemon has already made the game lovers crazy around the world. It manages to connect millions of users around the globe within few days’ after its launch. Now recently, Google has revealed that its cloud portfolio having a suite of services is supporting Pokemon Go. Pokemon go is the only mobile game that has gained wide popularity and attention of masses of the Smartphone devices. According to the company, its Google cloud platform has a dozen of services which support the mobile game’s larger player base. The company’s private fiber network can be accessed by the Pokemon Go by using the Google cloud platform which provides the low-latency cloud service to this mobile app. Google’s Cloud Datastore service acts as the underlying database of the game that can record all the Pokemon’s captured by the players of the game world. Pokemon Go is now also used to test the CRE that is an acronym for Google Customer Reliability Engineering that mixes the company’s customer service and technical teams to ensure that the responsibilities which are shared between both the departments can maintain the performance and reliability of applications running in its cloud. Pokemon Go is now served as the perfect test for the Google’s Customer Reliability Service due to its huge worldwide popularity.

Within 15minutes of its launch in New Zealand and Australia, the player traffic reached higher than the Niantic’s expectations. This was the first indication that Niantic engineering and product team they have something exceptionally incredible and special on their hands. Pokemon Go is also running in the Google Container Engine that is powered by the Kubrenetes, which enables it to be orchestrated on the planetary scale by enabling the game to be used by the million numbers of players.  Niantic, the developer of Pokemon has got a wide scope to handle its launch of the mobile game in new countries due to the support of the third largest cloud platform. It also gives Niantic a huge support for dealing with the high influx of traffic that a whole host of new users brings in.


Some facts about Pokemon Go

–         The Pokemon Go service is enabling its services using a dozen of services across Google Cloud.

–         Pokemon Go is the biggest Kubernetes deployment ever on Google container Engine.

–         Google global network has helped Pokemon Go to reduce the overall latency for trainers inhabiting the games shared world.