Google is making life much easier this voting season and making sure that people will have no excuse for not voting. The search giant has launched new tools for giving people more information about the November 8 polls. Google will help the voters to find out who is on the ballot and the closest polling locations too. People can search “who’s on my ballet” on Google and it will retrieve all the details of the upcoming election. The Google search will provide information about Congressperson, Commissioner as well as local candidates running for the other positions. By selecting the candidate name, voters can get more information about party affiliation. Each state’s referendum will also be outlined by the Google. By searching on Google “where to vote”, users will be presented with the polling place location founder that will suggest them where to cast their vote and what type of identification will be needed there. This search function works in both Spanish and English and will give answers to users after getting their home address location which they used to register to vote.

Google said that it is deeply committed to giving comprehensive and timely information to people regarding the voting process so that they have their voice heard in November and can participate better in the election. According to data revealed by Google, “who is on my ballot” is searched by more 137 percent as compared to the same time frame in 2012. “Where is my polling place” search is also up by 379 percent this year. On asking Google who or what’s on the ballot, it will break the search into local, state and national races. Google says the state by state polling data will get rolled out in the next few days as the company yet needs to get information about each and every individual state. This is not the first time this search giant is encouraging and helping people to vote as it has also made efforts previously in 2012 and 2008. People will get more engaged in the voting process if they will get quick information about the polls. This update is the latest search addition of Google to emphasize the voting process. Google previously rolled out the same search feature that helps people to register for the vote and also highlighted the voter registration process in the recent Google Doodle.