Ola is making all efforts to become a global player of cab service and to achieve this aim Ola has now launched its offline cab booking feature. Users can now book any Ola cab without using the internet connection. This offline connectivity feature has been launched in all metro cities now by Ola. In the upcoming weeks, Ola will reportedly launch this feature in all other cities too. Booking an Ola cab offline without having internet connection is very simple and this is how you can make it possible:

–         The users will be prompted with two options if the internet connection is missing or not available: Book via SMS or retry.

–         Users will be redirected to the Ola app if they choose the first option and here users can use the cab with SMS pre-loaded. This process will use GPS of user’s app.

–         Users will get notified with the nearest cab drivers along with the all necessary cab details.

–         Once the user selects their ride, the Ola cab will be on its way to pick the customer.

–         When the users will become available in active internet zone, then all the commute details of the users will be available on the app.

This interesting feature is currently available in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore only and will soon reach other 102 cities too. The offline feature of Ola cab booking was tested in several small markets too like Nagpur and Indore and it was easily accepted there with many right responses from the consumers. Ola offline feature is a great advantage for the country as there are still many users who cannot daily or consequently use the online data. Indian are still suffering from the shortage of the significant amount of online data but this offline feature can solve our biggest problem of data in terms of cab booking.