Apple has recently launched its latest iOS version that is iOS 10 for all iPhone and iPad devices. The adoption rate of iOS 10 has been much higher than the adoption rate of its previous version iOS 9. According to reports, adoption of iOS 10 has reached 14.45% within first 24 hours of its release. The earlier version of iOS that is iOS 8 reached 50% of adoption rate on all iPhone and iPad devices within in a month. Apple has managed to bring the adoption of iOS 10 to 22.31 percent of all devices in just three days. Devices that run on iOS 9 are now dropped to 72.25 percent and other older versions of iOS are running on only 5.44 percent units. Ne iOS version is adopting at a much quicker pace that the previous versions. According to the prediction of Mixpanel, iOS 10 will get adopted on fifty percent of devices within 11 days.

All these numbers are more importantly significant when one compares them to Android. As android users do not adopt the latest versions so rapidly. The latest version of Android that is known as Marshmallow that was released last year is still installed on only 18.7 percent. Another version that is called Nougat is also now officially dropped last month and is still available for only Nexus devices. iOS 10 come with much pretty significant updates. Apple has made a number of significant changes and updates that has set iOS 10 apart from previous versions. It is expected that iOS 10 will be updated on seventy to eighty percent of devices by the end of September. Anyone having an eligible device should upgrade its device to iOS 10 as soon as possible.

 Though the initial launch of iOS 10 comes with some flaws or glitches, but Apple handled and corrected it quickly after the launch and apologize the customers for the errors and inconvenience. Apple has basically polished a pearl with the launch of iOS 10. Apple makes the latest version of iOS to improve the overall customer experience. This latest iOS version is much more convenient than its previous versions. iOS 10 is rapidly adopting to all iPhone and iPad devices due to its capability of giving more convenience to the users. Apple is much more acceptable by users than the Android. iOS 10 is a collection of useful changes to an already solid OS. While some might complain that it doesn’t look that different than before, what matters is that using it is significantly more convenient.