With the latest acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, the company has already made its new plans and strategies to grow their business in India. LinkedIn wants to grow its user base in India as LinkedIn has 37 million users in India. So obviously, the company is seeing a great future and huge growth market in the country. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner initiates some of its strategies and plans With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives like Make in India, Skill India, and Digital India. Recently LinkedIn introduced its three new products in India namely LinkedIn Lite, LinkedIn Placement and Starter Pack.

LinkedIn Lite

The motive of the company behind launching LinkedIn Lite is to make sure that every mobile user in India can get easy access to LinkedIn. The company is well aware of the fact that majority of the Indian users are stills running on slower mobile networks, even on 2G and moreover storage issue is also a great concern for Indian mobile users. So more the people get the easier access to the LinkedIn, the more people are going to use it. Microsoft LinkedIn has fully realized that if it wants to grow and expand its business and network in India that they must adapt to slow internet speed of country. Though 4G is launched in India but still not many users have shifted to this network.

Linked in launched its lighter version to tap more number of young professionals and students. According to the company, the home page of LinkedIn Lite will consume only 150KB and other pages will take about 70KB.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn Placements

LinkedIn is also opening a placement program in India that will help the students to find the right job. Under this program, the online test for students will be developed and on the basis of these tests scores, jobs will be recommended to them. For this program, the comZpany has partnered with Co-cubes, Aspiring Minds, Wheebox and HackerRank. The placement page of this LinkedIn program currently lists around 50 jobs from some leading companies like HCL, Samsung, Airtel, Amazon, Tech Mahindra and Cognizant in areas such as marketing and software development.

Starter Pack

The third plan is the starter pack that is aimed at small, mid-sized businesses and startups. As India has several SMBs and a booming startup space, so it is a good place to introduce a starter pack. Under this starter pack, small companies will be provided with a single package of premium hiring, learning and marketing solutions. Company named it ‘LinkedIn a box’. Right now company is initiating the pilot phase in the country under which this starter package will be provided to 100 SMBs.

These three initiatives launched by Microsoft LinkedIn are hoped to do well in the market as company does not have much competition in this space. These initiatives will enhance the growth and business in Indian market.