Google will show AMP URLs before App deep link URLs in mobile results

Google has now become the favorite web browser and search engine of the whole world. It provides the world many another great things too like Google Maps service, mobile operating system, email client and online video repository. Billions of people around the globe are now using Google’s marquee services like Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Android.  Nearly, a third of the global population is using Google now and YouTube also has users between the ages of 18 to 49. This year Google is celebrating its 18th anniversary and we all should now reassess that how much Google has integrated into our daily lives.


Quality and Ubiquity makes the Google Popular

The thing that makes the Google a unique and popular from everything else is its great quality and ubiquity. We all rely on the apps of Google in one or another form. Even people using some other web browsers like Bing cannot ignore the Google fully as all the interesting videos are on YouTube. If you use Bing and choose to ignore Gmail, Google Photos, Yahoo Mail, Dropbox, and drive for Flickr even then someone can send you the link of any interesting YouTube Videos then you will surely again get grabbed into the web of Google. Google has made its presence noticeable everywhere so one simply cannot totally ignore Google. Microsoft is now also using this same approach with its various online services and office suite. 


iPhone is also dominated by Google services

iPhone defines our generation’s technology and the first thing that users do with the iPhone is to fill it with lots of Google apps. That shows Google is everywhere and it also dominates Apple iPhone with its services.

Google is a force for good

No doubt, Google has made many mistakes since its inception but still Google acts as a force for good in this world. Google is responsible for some of the greatest innovations and projects in the recent times like the introduction of smart glasses in 2013. Google has always been a leader with some of its great efforts such as project SkyBender, Google Fiber and Project Loon. Google has made navigating the web browser more pleasant and easier. It has made the exploration of foreign lands much easier than before.

We all lives in a pretty good version of Google dominated the world and it is constantly making our life better.