iPhone 7 has launched and is already in the hands of many users. One of the best things about the latest Smartphone is that it now comes in dark black colour after the series of tacky and garish colours by the company. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are in Black colour now that gives a very sleek look. iPhone 7 comes with the latest iOS operating system that is iOS 10 and along with some new interesting features such as smarter ways of handling notifications on the lock screen. It comes with stereo speakers, new dual-core processor IP67 waterproofing, and an upgraded camera. Many users of iPhone 7 are currently complaining about intermittent issues in the in-line volume control on the lighting pods. According to reports, this issue will get fixed with the software update by the company in near future. Another very common issue that the iPhone 7 users are facing is a hissing sound coming from the device. Other disappointing features of iPhone 7 according to critics are its poor battery life, lack of headphone jacks and predictable design.

There are too many things in the latest iPhone 7 device that makes it very difficult or hard accept especially for those who are using iPhone devices from a very long time. People were expecting much more things or features fro iPhone 7 but unfortunately, iPhone 7 makes them disappointed as there is nothing new with the look. The designs of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are bit outdated but perhaps, Apple is saving its cool designs for the tenth anniversary of iPhone 7 that is falling next year. Though we can’t say that iPhone 7 has no good qualities as it incorporates many cool features like it is water-proof and stereo speakers. Some of the new features are creating problems too such as the placement of power button on the right side of the phone and placement of iOS back button are very difficult to reach when holding the phone with the normal grip. Another big problem with iPhone 7 is that each app in the device behaves differently and need a different way to back out. For example, to back out of Photos in the Twitter, the user has to hit the ‘X’ sign in the upper right corner of the screen. There is also a problem with the swiping process of the apps as generally swipe does something entirely different work or does not do anything at all. So it is a good choice to save your money for the iPhone 8 instead of this iPhone 7.