Google Allo is a latest and trending app chat for iPhone and Android. It has a built-in Google assistance and it works totally, completely fine. It does all the things properly that one expect from a messaging app such as send pictures, works on group chats, let you share fun stickers and so on. Google Allo is worth a look as one can strike a conversation with the Google Assistant, which is a search giant’s artificial-intelligence helper. Allo has plenty of stickers, both static and animated. Users can also set a timer for deleting messages automatically through its special end-to-end encryption mode called Incognito. One can chat with Google Assistant to solve a math problem, translate a phrase or even kill time playing a game. Google Assistant can also help you in your chat as it can suggest you what to say next. According to Google, these suggestions will improve further as more and more people will start using Allo. The bad thing about Google Allo is that it does not integrate video calling and it has fewer features than its competitors like baked in GIF support or control over read receipts.

Messaging has come a long way for Google from GTalk to G-chat to hangouts. The best reason to use Allo is its search feature for what Google itself is known for. Ask for a nearby restaurant, dry cleaner, the weather forecast or a recipe, Google Allo will give you reliable results every time. Google Allo works similar to WhatsApp, it is also based on phone number so one can send text messages to anyone in their phonebook. Three aspects of Google Allo that make it a unique app are Google Assistant, Security, and Expression. Using Google Allo app is very easy as it works just like all other apps with chat appearing as bubbles. According to Google reports, Google Allo has stickers that were sourced from various creative artists around the world. Another eye-catching and unique feature of Google Allo is Shout or Whisper that will let the users slide up or down on the send button to change the size of the reply. Google Allo lets you express yourself more creatively with a feature called Ink that let the user get creative with photos as one can doodle on them. Another Allo feature called Smart Reply can help you to quickly respond while on the go. Allo also uses natural language processing or machine learning that can suggest replies on the fly, meaning Allo can anticipate what user wants to say next. Thanks to Google’s computer vision capabilities, Allo can also understand context and content of photos and can send smart replies. Allo also works with Google Duo. Another great advantage of having Google Allo is that all the messages in Google Allo are encrypted that ensures great security to your messages.