SpaceX rocket blast occurred due to oxygen breach in helium tank

This month a SpaceX rocket reportedly bursts into flames on its launch that according to investigation suffered a huge breach in oxygen tank’s helium system. Fortunately, no one gets harmed in the explosion that could be heard forty-eight kilometer away from the launch of this SpaceX rocket. According to the company, the bottle of helium is responsible for this blast that was kept in the oxygen tank at the upper rocket stage. It is reported that some of the missions of the SpaceX will be shifted to another launch site at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. 

People started believing iPhone 7 headphone jack prank

Recently a video has been posted on YouTube by a prankster that shows how to drill headphone jack in iPhone 7 and people actually start believing it. Currently, this video has eight million views on YouTube and it is filled with aggressive comments posted by the people who tried this trick. Someone commented that he tried to make a headphone jack on his iPhone 7 but it completely ruined it and other mentioned that no sound comes after making this headphone jack. This video was posted on TechRax with the title ‘secret hack to get headphone jack on the iPhone 7. In the description, he wrote ‘this video is for those people who don’t want $159 wireless AirPods and wants to use headphone every time they want to listen to music. 

Pluto may have 100 km ocean under icy shell

In the recent research on Pluto, scientists are now suggesting that Pluto may contain a wide ocean beneath its icy surface. According to scientists, this ocean covering 100 kilometers of the area contains salt contents almost similar to the Dead Sea of the Earth. Water is denser than the ice so if there are layers of water beneath the ice shells of Pluto then it may have welled up. This is a huge research in the history of science and if we get water under the surface of Pluto then chances are there that we might get some signs of marine life too under it. 


Microsoft’s Xbox wireless controllers support for Gear VR

Microsoft has recently launched Xbox One controller that can work with Samsung Gear VR headset. Right now, Google Play’s VR and Gear VR store offers a mix of games and visual content that don’t require the controller. Now the Microsoft’s controller can change that thing with its latest controller. Currently, this controller support is only available for Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and the support for other games will be available in few next months. To use this latest feature, users will need Xbox’s US $70 controller to play.