Android devices are usually topped up with technology from the pioneer phone manufacturer, Samsung. The latest security development introduced by Samsung was the fingerprint scanner in the Samsung S6 model even though Google technically didn’t have any supports for the technology. Its expected to come up with a breakthrough Iris scanner in its newest release of Galaxy Note 6 as a security add-on.

Nowadays, most Android devices come with a fingerprint scanner and to stay in the lead position in the market scenario, the company will have to come up with new technological advancements for its eager users. Till date only Fujitsu and TCL has come with an efficient Iris scanner.

The news on the Iris scanner was reported by Forbes following the speculated submission of a new trademark under the name of Galaxy Club by Samsung. The doubt was raised by the news company over the trademark names of ‘Samsung Iris’ and Samsung Eyeprint’ and this is probably an iris scan technology for galaxy. The details were obtained from trademark request submitted at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


Iris Scan Technology

The Iris scanning technology can be found in the Microsoft design of Lumia 950 but there were several flaws in the overall design and its usage. Even though Microsoft had released its iris scan in any early stage, it failed to create news or gain significant attention. Samsung has a good note with its customers in offering state-of-the-art technology from time to time keeping them enthusiastic about the newer models. Even in the midst of speculations, the company has not revealed any information officially regarding the release of the Iris technology, whether it can be expected in the Galaxy Note 6 model or has been set aside for the new S series of smartphones. Either way, the company will have to bring some changes to the simple Iris scan with add-ons like attaching it to certain apps or features preferentially. Galaxy Note 6 has been evaluated by experts to be a possible candidate for the technology release as it has always been Note designs that came with increased security and efficiently features.