Samsung Iris

Iris Recognition Tablets by Samsung

Iris- Recognition technology is gaining acceptance at mass level in the world.

Samsung Electronics CO told that it is launching Iris Recognition tablets. These would be launched at the government level. This is because the technology is very expensive. Tablets equipped with this technology will help Indian government at many levels. They will simply make it easy for the government to keep a track of the identity of most of the people in world’s largest democracy.

Samsung said that these tablets would be run on android. They would be equipped with Iris Recognition technology. These tablets would serve the purpose of authentication through a person’s Iris in the eye. Tablets would find application in fields such as Healthcare and Banking where authentication is required the most.

The device would be of seven inches, it would be further equipped with the cameras, Iris reading would be assisted by any one of these cameras.

Basically, Aadhaar system is used in India. This is in fact a database. It stores information about demographic of its people and other data like photographs, Iris scan, biometric information and finger prints etc. The latest tablets of Samsung would be compliant with this Aadhaar system and they will work according to it.

About the Iris Recognition Technology

In the past, finger prints were used for biometric verification. The concept of authentication through Iris technology is relatively new. Identification using this technology is indeed a fool proof methodology. In this technology light rays emitting from Iris of a person are used to detect the Iris. Ultimately, the person is recognized. The Samsung is among very first technology giants to provide this technology on Android run tablets. This will increase the South Korean tech giant’s perspectives for emerging in market for security related products.