3D Printer by Nano Dimensions

3D Printer by Nano Dimensions

Nano Dimensions, an Israeli firm has successfully lab tested a 3D Bioprinter. The printer is basically used for printing the stem cells. It is said that this is a huge success as using this technology further, Bioprinter would be made. Such printers will be able to print tissues and even human organs.

This is not the very first experiment of its type. 3D printers for making stem cells have already been developed. The latest experiment conducted by the Israeli firm along with Accelita Ltd. An Israeli Biotech firm has revealed that such stem cells can be printed in high resolution and huge volume.

The companies are of belief that 3D printing of stem cells is a proof of Accelita and Nano Dimension’s technology that can give combine result for printing high quality living cells.

One respondent from Accelita told that company can make large qualities of cells with high quantity this increases its potential to print human organs in future. The latest announcement has remarkable significance for the company. Pertaining to the announcement of this success, trading of Nano Dimension’s shares was stopped for a while in Tel Aviv Stock Market.


Market for 3D Bioprinters

Demand for 3D Bioprinter is increasing day by day. It is estimated that the market share for3D Bioprinting will increase up to $6 billion in 2024. The Market share for Bioprinters was only $481 million in 2014. The technology is not limited to only few tasks regarding functions.

According to IDTechEx, this technology is capable of many other products too. Such products include the Pre clinical drug discovery and testing, toxicology Assays, organs on chips and tissue printing.

Amit Dror the Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimensions told that ability of Accelita to have stem cell suspensions and high speed ink jet ability of Nano Dimensions can be combined to give high resolution results.