Startup Europe Fest was triggered off at Amsterdam on Tuesday 24 may 2016, with the tech tops, Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt flown in for seminars on the opening day. This was a rare scene where the rivals Tim Cook of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet Inc. come in to impress a group of youngsters, even though they did not speak on the same stage.

Schmidt is the chief executive of Alphabet Inc which owns Google and he had made the headlines when he claimed that he had an iPhone as well as Samsung. His talk was a very interesting one and an audience scan had shown that more people had iPhones than Android devices.

Apple and Google work their own ways in the smartphone and overall technology industry. Even though they work on a different mode of empowering the smartphone industry, these Silicon Valley giants are in the constant fight towards the top. These two companies have their own unique hold on the market in different ways. Apple has its own device supported by Apple software and on the other hand, Google works by providing android software to other smartphone device manufacturers.


Talk by Tim Cooks, Apple Inc.

The two talks were seen with immense interest as they spoke about the rival in a very comical yet way without raising insult. Cook had answered queries that raised concern over Apple apps being closed to most developers. He also has an apt answer by stating that there were over 2 million apps on the so-called “closed” iTunes store and he even gave in that they have certain restrictions as the company doesn’t want to send in apps like pornography. The role of Apple technology was to keep a balance between technology and liberal arts so that there is no misutilization of either.