Expansion of Video Ads by the Facebook

Facebook has recently started selling ads on its Audience Network on behalf of the brands. Due to this, the social media giant has announced an expansion in Brand Video ads. The Audience Network of Facebook is basically an integration of sites and third party apps used by advertisers. The marketing companies use this network to increase the audience for their Instagram and Facebook ads.

Facebook announced that video ads will appear in stream before or after a video is played. These will also appear on desktops. The latest feature allows the brand marketers to create image slideshow for playing a video or upload their very own video.


Facebook Video Ads in Articles

Facebook video ads will also play in between the articles. Here, the ads will play in middle of paragraphs of the Instant articles. This will happen upon availability of half of the pixels. In- article ads are limited to the Instant articles only. In- Stream and In- Article video ads are currently being tested by the Daily Mail and US Today Sports Media Group.

Prior to this the Audience Network had limited use. It was simply used for Conversions, app installation or other such direct responses. Now, it is possible to use this platform for purposes such as spreading awareness and recall through video ads.

Another mechanism is in progress to analyze the effectiveness of this program. Facebook intends to make this more productive by evaluating response through Instagram, Facebook Newsfeed and Audience Network. This will simply analyze the usefulness of Brand videos played as advertisements. It will also analyze the response of Facebook users regarding these ad videos.

It is said that Brand video ads will generate more ads. This is because on daily basis, 100 million hours of videos are being watched by users on Facebook.