Link BuildingYes, it is true that penguin creates a lot of difficulties in the SEO world, but still there lies a plenty of white hat techniques that will cure your penguinitis. Today we are here to discuss on it. Let’s have a look:

Association Links Or Alumni Directory: Especially when any partners, key executives or owners attend any state or local university, alumni directories can garner it with highly authoritative relevant links back to your website. This will not only make your website stronger, but also shows such recent charity or achieved a milestone as a business helps in branding the business.

Industry Specific Local Directory: Having listings in local directories of particularly the industry specific reinforce signals to Google related to your business category regarding all your products and services. Always keep in mind that more locally specific sites you can leverage, it will help Google to get more relevant local searchers. In any case, if you already are a member of any local business associations, then go through all of the sites to check if there is any directory that could optimized to add the link.

Existing Brand Mentions: If you are already being referenced to some reputed news or some highly relevant content, then congratulations to you as you are already doing the right thing to earn the media online. Unfortunately, having a local PR like will not include any backlink but is one of the easiest ways to get the link. If you are thinking how to achieve it, then the best way is to keep an eye on various tools like Google News.

Thus, these are the three crucial tips which you should definitely try to cure your penguinitis. Additionally, you may also search for town, religion or country to find others which are not part of it. Specifically, search for local directories which focuses on your business niche for building strong signals.