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Nowadays, we talk more about content and very less about the customers who consume the content. What exactly matters is the content and the customers.

How many times people have come across the keywords? So in order to make a better market, we need to challenge ourselves about the marketing techniques using the internet.

Battle between content and the customers –

  • Before Google came into existence also people have done marketing. Reynolds wrote two books in order to become a better search marketer. One is “My life in advertising”, and the other is “Scientific advertising”.
  • It depends on making people understand their needs and make them feel comfortable.
  • If you understand the motivations then people will buy and you will definitely become a better marketer and will also be able to transfer all those skills to a marketing channel.
  • Keywords can solve people’s problem. If we talk about Amazon then the prime conversion rate is 74 percent.
  • If you are a Prime member of Amazon then you can see Google’ results though it is not ranked no 1. Because of loyalty, you can click on the listing. You need to click on the listing as you need the stuff.
  • Content marketing defined as the process of distributing and creating relevant and valuable content in order to acquire, engage and attract a clearly defined target audience with the objective of profitable customer action.
  • Content marketing can be distributed through channels like digital ads, media pitching and social promotion.
  • One of the biggest marketers make is by making the messages all about themselves.
  • To reach out the target audience in today’s digital world you need to sell yourself directly.
  • There are businesses that have succeeded in reaching the customers and have stopped to interrupt the content who are interested in and have started searching instead.