Should We Care HTTP/2??

Are you aware of HTTP/2? It is an updated version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is based on Google’s SPDY protocol, in order to develop and improve the performance and speed of the browsing experience.

Do we know its history? Let’s know what is it?

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol or as most of us know it as “HTTP://” in the web address is used to establish the connection between server’s host and user’s browser. In 1991, HTTP was defined.

Later on, in 1999 HTTP/1.1 was introduced. In 2015, February the Internet Engineering Task Force formerly approved a draft of its next version of HTTP/2.

If we know the history then what should we care for?

If users are using the web, then they should probably care. You need not be a developer in that case for this change, as it promises to be faster and more functional with the browsing experience.

Sites that have changed the last update of HTTP protocol almost for more than 20 years ago and the fact that the modern sites consist of data and images which affect the loading time for each page.

While looking at the trend with the most popular websites today, it takes the time to download the front pages as a pattern emerges.

Over the years, the data needs to be retrieved and risen up to above 1.9MB. HTTP/2 adapts everyone to access any site as soon as possible without having high-speed internet connection.

What has changed?

Messages can be sent multiple with just one Transmission Control Protocol connection which reduces the time to process the requests and received thus improving the user experience and by also loading time.

HTTP/2 faces both the challenges with multiplexed streams and the use of one site only one connection is open.