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Major web search engines like Bing and Google have incorporated some elements of semantic search.

As we know Semantic markup helps search engine to display relevant results for the user. Semantic search is more simplistic.

What actually is Semantic search?

Do you remember that when you type a search query into Google it would show you with a result based on your keywords?

It would possibly show you a mixture of results based on that search. But now in this modern semantic world if you search for any query in Google it would give you results only about the search and not irrelevant search.

Semantic search gives you even years back search. The Semantic search takes various details about the user’s history and provides relevant information and results.

It takes multiple variables in one search query and provides the relevant and accurate information.

It is all about delivering information to the user taking into account the entire context of what they search.

Google will also take into consideration the other search queries at the same time and gives success to those results.

Then What about Knowledge Graph? Is it semantic?

Knowledge Graph is a system for merging and organizing information about millions of people. Organizations places and even including Wikidata. It was introduced in the year 2012, which resulted in simple information cards.

Google’s Knowledge Graph have been working on media objects using an additional Search Engine Results Page.

Knowledge Graph do touch semantic search but they first need to understand the query that is to be searched. This is something like Artificial Intelligence is leading the way.

Google is all set itself in providing the relevant information that is useful to the user as Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally useful and accessible.