Virtual Reality Headsets To Be Launched By Google

Google is going real in terms of virtual reality. It is developing an all-in-one virtual reality headset that does not rely on any computer, game console and a smartphone.

In this rapidly evolving field, it is the first one to develop such new things. First ever made in India.

According to Google let’s consider what does virtual reality opt for:-

Google cardboard is a virtual reality as well as augmented reality platform. The headset specifications are designed by Google itself.

Google has all set its plans to release a more advanced version of virtual reality viewer $20 cardboard that uses smartphones as a screen.

An earlier version of the cardboard was fit into phones with a screen resolution up to 5.7 inches.

An updated version of Google I/O 2015 is setting up to release phones up to 6 inches and replace the magnet for better compatibility across devices.

This new plastic viewer will include computer sensors and chips.These devices are the latest of Google’s growing interest in virtual reality.

Sony Corporation and HTC Corporation also plan headsets that require a PC and game console.

Some of the smartest people at Google are moving into virtual reality said by Macquarie Capital analyst Ben Schachter.

Google announced that the software development kits would use special audio features.

Clay Bavor was named as the first virtual reality chief since the beginning of virtual reality.

Since 2014, Google has shipped more than five millions of Google’s cardboard viewers helping many users to get involved with it’s latest technology.

Google thinks that virtual reality could become a moneymaker both in terms of hardware and software as the industry insiders viewed the cardboard devices as an experiment.

Google plans for a stand-alone headset that aims for a middle ground which means quality experience to an expensive PC and game console.

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