Link Building Campaign

Link Building Campaign is the process of increasing links to a particular website, usually by some kind of objectives. It might be your website also as well.

It uses assets in order to acquire those links which belong to your website. An asset can be anything from products to news, content and services.

Link Building Campaigns are nuanced and complexed. There are various components for building a link campaign.

Some might be crucial and others are helpful but are not necessary. Mostly they depend on the resources and assets available.

Though every project is unique there are some basic requirements for building link campaign:-

A genuinely useful service and product

The company in which you are building links for must should have a genuinely product and service. Providing value is crucial in every aspect of link acquisition. If the site you are working with doesn’t offer a value to an existing audience, securing links will be difficult.

Google values links are signal trust, authority and respect. Links represents online endorsements and no one wants to endorse a disreputable service and brand.

A strong unique selling point with a brand name can be an asset to the link campaign. If you have a brand name, chances of taking it online can convert them into links.

The Quality of the content

Link campaigns cannot be successful without some form of quality content on the site. Any content that provides some quality should be used as linkable assets. Content that can be used as linkable assets are-

Visually engaging images, Industry news coverage, Helpful tools, High profile interviews, Educational podcasts, Unique research.

Willingness to collaborate

Link building should never have a strategy for the online marketing. Link acquisition often becomes more effective with marketing efforts like Public relations, content marketing, paid search, social media marketing. email marketing.