Link Team Structure

Since the past few years, work of major link teams either small, medium and large both the types client-based as well as task-based manage a very small group that gets utilized for both the projects.

The major pros and cons of structuring link based teams are as follows:-

(i) Client based work: – It is like team members work on link development work for one client. They may also be responsible for multiple clients but still work for these clients discovering new partners to negotiate link placements.

While in terms of quality, it is equally important that link builders, should not get stuck with the fun bits of the process.

Pro of client-based work-

  1. In-depth knowledge: – The beauty of working with clients is to know them in-depth inside and outside.

Once you start working with them for a few months, you can ideally get the most relevant opportunities. You need to focus on the client’s offerings and gain confidence like an expert on what would be the next step of the client’s and also help them in link developments.

Con of client-based work-

  1. Boredom: – A link builder needs a real challenge and depending on your tolerance working for a long period of time burn out the facts of link development which might be a potential issue further.

(ii) Task-based link work- In task-based link work, team member owns a particular link building rather than taking the responsibility for the client. In this way, the team member can become an expert in the process and can allow error-testing which would definitely be a plus point.

Pro of task-based work-

  1. Efficiency: – In this teamwork structure, everyone needs to be more efficient. Once you are aware of the process you need to nail it at times finding new link partners.

Con of task-based work-

  1. Lack of challenge: – This way can make you lose many opportunities that might come your way though it is hard to move forward you need to face it with hope and courage.