How To Compete In Localized Google Search Results In 2016

Recently, Google has removed the location search filter from the list of search tools that are available to refine queries.

The reason behind that is search results have become increasingly localized and therefore, it has resulted in the ability of the consumers’ to see the results for any location than their own.

Whether you are a normal consumer who wants to see localized results to travel destination, & a search pro who needs to see clients search results as returned within different localities, the removal of this tool significantly limits the ability to see the SERP beyond city and country.

There are many different ways that show localized search results despite Google’s removal of the search tool.

  • Google now results in factor in zipping codes, geographic locations, device types for search queries resulting different results for users in different locations with the introduction of SERP personalization, there is no longer one-page results.
  • If you are interested in tracing your search engine rankings, then you need to know the tools to maximize your SEO efforts. The company maintains location search filter was very little in usage so Google has removed it.
  • A quick search that Google search location gives you hope and also a support article saying Change your location on Google. Google’s idea of changing the auto-detected location is more precise based on the search history.

Localized search results are shown in the following 2 ways:-

Google Ad Preview: – It is a tool that is available either you are logged in & out regardless of your Google AdWords account. It is the easiest way to search from a locality other than your own and also emulate from different devices. – It is another simple method, that works similar to the Google Ad Preview tool but some changes have been made additionally like safe search settings.