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We people say that email market is already dead why because usually people don’t want to read out there all email or just don’t want to look at , but because of that we cant say that email market is dead , yes this is true that we are not more interested in it and don’t wait for inbox but here are some statistics that will prove you that email marketing isn’t dead .

  1. When we want to make or open and application we have first make Google account which we called email id, without that you or we cannot open any application we need , and this is mobile age which always need apps for there mobile phone and for that you need a email account.
  2. Not this only there are many people who are enjoying there emails Why? Because they need the offers given by companies and all and they want this offers , and for that they need email id , without email id you cant reach to the goal..
  3. On the other side now when we are in modern age , the appointment letters or calling letters are coming in your inbox of email id , and you all know that no one important then out job , and one want to do job he/she need to know that when they get there appointment letters.
  4. If we look other side we will find that large attachments are cant get from any other application of 2015 and for getting attachment you need email id by which you can send or receive your attachments..


Moving on to the statistics according to market association estimated 4300 percent ROI, every dollar spent on email marketing offers $44, 20 % increased sales cold lead, at 33 % less cost than lead mechanisms, emails generate 50 % more sales , small business owners who have leader how to send out broadcast consider 273 $ an hour, email works 40 times better then facebook and twitter, 95 percent happy to get emails , 91 % check email even on there smart phones also ….

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